V létě za Vás hlídáme teploty a čokoládu odesíláme (po dohodě s Vámi) v nejvhodnějším okamžiku, aby dorazila v pořádku.

How to order if you live in Poland and UK

1. Switch the language to English and the currency to EUR in the top right hand corner of the screen


2. add one piece of the virtual chocolate tasting event to the shopping cart: the product is here

The chocolate tasting event kit contains samples for two people. You can enjoy the experience with your partner or a lucky friend :)

3. Wanna share with more people? We created some extra tasting kits for one person. They are 299 CZK a piece and you can buy as many as stock lasts: here.

4. Wanna use your free shipping? Be free to do so! ;) The basic e-shop navigation is translated to English to make it easier.

Have you ever tasted a giant praline from Hell? Or the chocolate journey around the world?

A giant Michel Cluizel bonbonniere is also a fun surprise ;) Your kids will appreciate chocolate lollipops or chocolate sardines.

Our selection of rare cocoa beans might be cool for super-food lovers. And pretty much everyone I know fell in love with dark-milk chocolates.

And if you are just not sure, you can rely on the experienced judges and get some of those Award-Winning Bars... You can also hardly go wrong with the original smooth praline cream.

The nearest upcoming occasions for gifting loved ones are Father's day and the end of school year.


5. Once you are done shopping, go to the shopping cart at the top right hand corner.

6. Scroll down and insert your discount code:

extras-and-discountsOnce you press ADD button, you'll see you'll have free shipping.

Then press CONTINUE button.

7. Choose your country and currency

8. Set delivery method to: DHL Express

9. Choose a payment method:

  • ONLINE PAYMENT BY CARD  - only if your card is issued in EUR or CZK currency.
  • BANK WIRE TO EUR ACCOUNT - if your sum total is 0, or in all other cases (if your card is issued in other currency for instance)

Don't worry about it though. Your choice won't slow down delivery. We will send your parcel right away and figure out the payment details with you later by email.

Press CONTINUE button.

10. Fill out your personal data and billing address and pres FINISH ORDER button.

And voila! You are done :)

In any case, here is a contact to our customer support:

  • Phone: +420 739 661 272
  • E-mail: cokobanka@cokobanka.cz

Lucie will be happy to assist you.